[Juser] jabber and video chat

Rakotomandimby Mihamina mihamina.rakotomandimby at etu.univ-orleans.fr
Sun Apr 23 14:26:42 CDT 2006

I need to setup a video chat system using jabber.
I read there is no standardized method/format...
Ok, what do you recommend to use?

Chatters can have the same client if necessary, they will use Windows or
Mac, a webcam, and if possible, I would prefer a web based client (java
applet for example, or something else if it exists) to let many OS's use

Thank you in advance.

A powerfull GroupWare, CMS, CRM, ECM: CPS (Open Source & GPL).
Opengroupware, SPIP, Plone, PhpBB, JetSpeed... are good: CPS is better.
http://www.cps-project.org for downloads & documentation.

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