[Juser] Newbie: can't connect

modeler modeler at myrealbox.com
Mon Aug 7 10:40:24 CDT 2006

I'm brand new to IM, trying to create a first-time Jabber account. No success so far. We are using the IM client "Fire" on Mac OS 10.4.7 on a PPC machine through a Linksys Firewall/Router/Gateway BEFSX41 into a cable modem. 

I believe I have opened all required ports in the OS X firewall and in the router, as per Apple tech-pub listings for "iChat." 

The symptoms: when I attempt to connect to jabber.org using Fire, nothing happens -- no dialog box, no errors, no messages of any kind, and no connection. This smells like perhaps some necessary ports are not available/open/working. 

What ports are required to connect, get an account, and run Jabber (only) just to perform basic keyboard text IM? 

We are successfully running Vonage VoIP with a Cisco ATA186 on this same LAN, using port 5060 SIP. We understand that IM makes use of this same SIP port, but believe it does so only for AV. 

Would IM processes contend with those of VoIP where AV is not involved? 

Any ideas will be appreciated.

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