[Juser] Jabber Games

Fabian Zeindl fabian at xover.htu.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Aug 21 03:01:41 CDT 2006


 i don't know whether this is the right place to talk about this, I hope so.
I use Jabber for about 2 years now, and I wondered whether there is the
possibility of playing games (like chess, three in a row etc.) over
jabber. I'm not a very experienced coder, so I don't know whether this
is possible, but I think the best would be a JEP that defines some kind
of "standard-game-capability" for Jabber Clients.

In my imagination that would look like this:
I can browse a list of games in my jabber client and select one to be
downloaded. my jabber client would provide a game-window for the game
and I can play it with people on my list.

Of course the best would be if all games would be running on all sorts
of (graphical) jabber client und all major operating systems. Maybe by
using script-language or stuff like Adobe Flash?

I do think that some people already made better thoughts than me about
that, so what do you think?


träge wird man niemals weise

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