[Juser] Which jabber client?

Randall W rpw101ml at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jan 5 17:25:49 CST 2006

Morning all/
   I'm looking to use a private jabber server to do
real-time alerting of operators via IM. IE the system
will generate IM's and  despatch them to whichever
operator(s) are online.  Am looking for a client with
most, or hopefully all, the following features. (In
rough order of importance)

1. Ability to be set available/unavailable
(visible/invisible) on a per-contact basis as well as
globally. ( so operator can elect to disable
less-important alerts when they are busy)

2. Visible and audible indication of message arrival. 

3. Ability to set different audio alerts for messages
from different contacts or contact groups (so operator
knows if messages are urgent or otherwise)

4. Contact list should visually indicate if an there
is an unread message from a given contact. (Again so
operators can read urgent messages first)

5. Contact list should re-order to show contacts with
pending messages at the top

6. Contact list icon should indicate if its been set
to unavailable/invisible.

7. Windows and Linux versions a bonus.

So far I've only looked at 
-Exodus which would appear to pass 1&2, but fail the
rest (unless I havent got itset up right).
-Psi which would appear to fail 1 but pass most of the

Anyone help out?

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