[Juser] Question about transports.

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Fri Jan 13 08:26:48 CST 2006

>> I know that using MSN transports you have to use JIDs
>> in the form of user%hotmail.com at msn.jabber.ru .
>> Firstly, do you have do the same thing when using AIM
>> or YAHOO transports? So for a yahoo account the JID
>> would be yahooid at yahoo.jabber.ru ? Is this correct. I
>> am getting very confused with all the info on the web
>> about this.

Yes. Yahoo jids will be in the form: yahooid at yahoo.jabber.ru, and AIM addresses
will be in the form AIMNickname at aim.jabber.ru.

MSN is the strange case because the username for MSN is an email address which
needs to be "converted" before it can be squished into the node portion of a
jabber id.

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