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>>> I know that using MSN transports you have to use JIDs
>>> in the form of user%hotmail.com at msn.jabber.ru .
>>> Firstly, do you have do the same thing when using AIM
>>> or YAHOO transports? So for a yahoo account the JID
>>> would be yahooid at yahoo.jabber.ru ? Is this correct. I
>>> am getting very confused with all the info on the web
>>> about this.
> Yes. Yahoo jids will be in the form: yahooid at yahoo.jabber.ru, and  
> AIM addresses
> will be in the form AIMNickname at aim.jabber.ru.
> MSN is the strange case because the username for MSN is an email  
> address which
> needs to be "converted" before it can be squished into the node  
> portion of a
> jabber id.
> pgm.
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