[Juser] Yahoo! transports

Phil Reynolds phil at tinsleyviaduct.com
Wed Jan 18 02:36:11 CST 2006

I have recently switched Yahoo! transport again.

This time, I thought I had hit the jackpot. yahoo.jabber.org.uk was
happy to allow me to connect using two clients simultaneously, and also
not cause lots of blank messages in IM+.

However, I have noticed the following problems:

Sometimes, it is reported that a password error has occurred. If I log
the transport in again, it usually works.

At the moment, I can't log it in at all - nothing happens. I'm running
psi at the moment.

Also, on a "less related" note, one of my Yahoo! contacts has a user ID
of the form name at btinternet.com. How do I specify this to the transport
(if I can)?

You can mail me or the list, or contact emleymoor at jabber.org.uk.

Phil Reynolds
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