[Juser] Creating an account and recovering an old one

J. Grant jg at jguk.org
Sun Jan 22 08:13:24 CST 2006

I wonder if someone could help me with a problem I have at present. I 
tried to create an account without success, using Gaim v1.5.0 and 
Gabber2 v1.9.4.3

It just kept asking me for the password as though it did not know about 
it from Gabber2.  From  Gaimn it says: "disconnected 401: unauthorized"

Would it be possible to create a more intuitive web-based approach to 
allow users to create an account? "just try and login" seems a rather 
haphazard approach" IMHO.. I'm sure there is a good reason for it being 
the way it is though?

Also, I have a feeling i tried to create an account name a few years 
ago, but did not succeed. Is there a way to query if that account is active?

Kind regards
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