[Juser] yahoo transporting. I cannot do it

Luke Tokyo luke at cyber.ocn.ne.jp
Thu Jan 26 07:20:59 CST 2006

thank you for your replies.
but i couldn't got trans.

i'm in japan, and i'm japanese. using @yahoo.co.jp,
any server cannot accept my network as
[remote server error].

is there someone can solve it?

best regards

Luke at tokyo

On 2006/01/26, at 20:22, Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:

> S?ren Larsen escribe:
>>> I tried most of this gateways services.
>>> http://www.jabber.org/network/
>>> but I cannot talk with yahoo users.
>>> If someone did it, tell me which server could transport yahoo.
>> Hi,
>> I'm using following server: jabbernet.dk with transport  
>> yahoo.jabbernet.dk
>> i cannot connect to yahoo.jabbernet.dk from another server like  
>> jabber.org
> I am trying yahoo.swissjabber.ch where I can connect from a
> jabberes.org account.
> My Yahoo! ID is ivalladt and my Jabber ID is ivalladt at jabberes.org,
> feel free also to try with these.
>> you are welcome to contact my yahoo adress s_larsen1 og my jid
>> slamidtfyn at jabbernet.dk if you would like to test this.
> I am trying also with these, sorry if I disturb.
> Cordially, Ismael
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