[Juser] Problems with jabber.com

Bearcat M. Sandor linux at feline-soul.com
Wed Nov 22 14:25:16 CST 2006


I didn't quite understand what you are describing, but it may be something
i am seeing too.  Sometimes some one will IM me and they still appear
off-line. Conversly, sometimes, i can talk to them and I appear off-line. 
For some reason the presence notification is not working consistantly.

I have seen this behavior in both kopete (kde) and gaim (gnome/gtk2).

I run my own jabber server and that is where i am seeing the issue. Since
it's happening both to jabber.com and on my closed, personal server it's
not a jabber.com issue (at least not directly).

I'm using jabberd 2.0s11 for my server. I'd bet jabber.com is too.

I hope this is what you were asking about :)

Bearcat M. Sandor
bearcat at jabber.feline-soul.net

> Hi there,
> is anyone else experiencing problems with the public server of
> jabber.com? I can log in without a problem and see other users with
> jabber.com-accounts, but neither with Kopete nor with Miranda users on
> other servers are marked as online (and they reportedly are online). Am
> I the only one who's struck by this disease or is there something wrong
> with the whole server?
> Greetings, Dennis
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