[Juser] Losing subscription to contacts???

Randy W. Sims randys at thepierianspring.org
Tue Apr 24 15:25:11 CDT 2007

I've tried several different clients: PSI, Trillian Pro; and I keep 
running into a problem where I loose the ability to communicate with a 
contact. The contact still shows up with all status indicators 
(online/offline, away/xa, etc) but I cannot send messages. Sometimes 
they can send a message to me but my response does not show up on the 
other end. I haven't been able to figure out what causes this or what 
steps to restore it. Sometimes it can be fixed by deleting the contact 
on both clients and creating them again. Sometimes not.

Anyone seen this?


randys at jabber.org (work)
simsrw at jabber.org (home - where the problem usually (always?) happens.)

I have two accounts because, unlike AIM (which I've recently started 
testing), there is not easy way to sign off remotely from the other end 
when both computers are always running without manually signing off 
before leaving, and I'm too lazy/forgetful for that. The auto away 
doesn't alway work reliably either-sometimes the other computer will 
"wakeup" and goof the connection until it falls asleep again.

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