[Juser] Extension for XEP-0045 ?

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Mon Dec 10 15:23:24 CST 2007

after some time in the jabber at jaaber.org channel I notice that many
different clients have this problem.
Maybe a addition to XEP-45 or some other specification could solve this
problem. How? I don't know. ;)
(Or there is a specification and I couldn't found it)

1) I connect to conference room
2) all works normal
3) server drops the connection or other things happens on the server

4) I am now in a ghost room, I can't send messages any longer.
Sometimes, when the server drops the connection completly, my cleint
regognize this and try a reconnect. The client reconnect, but to a room
with 1 or 2 users.

Some signal from the server would be usefull if the server reconnect
or/and a general guideline how client can handle this.


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