[Juser] Re: Re: Problems with joining conference rooms on jabber.org

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Tue Jun 26 03:03:01 CDT 2007

Peter Saint-Andre wrote at 30.05.2007 :
> Peter Flindt wrote:
>> Niek Bergman wrote at 29.05.2007 :
>>> ...
>>> Could you have mistakenly registered it on another Jabber ID which you
>>> also own, if applicable?
>>> ...
>> I have register another account, but I get the same result, when I
>> change my nickname in the Join groupchat dialog frm PSI.
>> "Unable to join groupchat
>> Reason:Conflict
>> Access cannot be grabted because an existing resource or sesseion
>> exists with the dam name or address. Nichname is registered by another
>> person"
>> Another curio thing is that I can't find the nickname in
>> users.jabber.org when I search for Lastwebpage (This is the Nickname
>> with the problem) I get only 3 results with a Jabber ID on another
>> server.
>> But thanks for the note aboutejabberd, maybe I find something there.
>> I use this nickname for other Chats, like ICQ,MSN,IRC too and I am to
>> lazy to use another one. ;)

> That is odd. Please ping me on IM (stpeter at jabber.org) and I will try to 
> debug this with you.

> Peter
is it possible to find out the JID from this nick?
I guess the following happens:
-I start with jabber and searched for a "stable" server
-With one server I clicked on conference.jabber.org and choosed
-Now a nickname is assign to this JID.

When I would know this JID, I could log in and remove this


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