[Juser] Maddening with SSL certificates

Jonathan Siegle jsiegle at psu.edu
Tue May 1 11:10:46 CDT 2007

Hello Matthias,

Matthias Wimmer said the following on 5/1/07 11:58 AM:
> Hi Peter!
> Peter Saint-Andre schrieb:
>> certificate from the XMPP ICA). It is true that there was a bug in
>> ejabberd (not presenting the entire certificate chain) but we installed
>> a patch on 2007-03-16 and as far as I know the jabber.org server is
>> behaving properly now.
> I have not checked for port 5222+STARTTLS, but at least for port 5223
> jabber.org is presenting the full certificate chain including the
> intermediate certificate as well as the root certificate.
> Matthias

	Thanks for noting that. I couldn't quite understand why it was telling 
me that there is a "self signed certificate in certificate chain". Duh! 
I'll look at fixing that right now..

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