[Juser] Possible? Exposing services over jabber

Ryan Felder rfelder at wayport.net
Wed May 2 15:10:13 CDT 2007

Seriously though, I think there would be some great applications for
proxying just the http protocol over jabber.
-Rich user profiles in an ugly zwinky/myspace style
-Find my friends blog directly from my jabber client.
-Exposing my streaming media server to myself when I'm away from home
and to my friends
I could run the web server myself or just expose the urls for public
servers, circumventing the need for the tunnel altogether.
Having the ability to do both would be preferable.
The http protocol alone would create some interesting applications and
could be easily enough handled by the web browser by passing the url
directly to the shell, e.g.
But I guess since this is the users list, and it doesn't look like this
is really supported by the protocol, I'm not discussing this in the
right place.

Ryan Felder
Technical Suppport


Office:   1-888-WAYPORT



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