[Juser] simultaneous logins

ed edjusted at layerblue.net
Thu May 10 12:16:18 CDT 2007

At 12:00 PM -0500 5/10/07, juser-request at jabber.org wrote:

>ed wrote:
>> Hi, I know Jabber supports simultaneous logins with different
>> Resources, but is there a way to make it so that 2 simultaneous
>> logins can receive all messages?
>> That is, I'm logged in to my computer via Psi and also logged in via
>> my portable. When someone messages me, *only* the Psi instance will
>> get the message. If I message someone *first* from the portable, and
>> they reply, *then* the portable will get the messages, but my Psi
>> won't. The only way my portable will get the initial messages from
>> others is if Psi is offline.
>> So if I need to wander around the office with my portable, the only
>> option seems to be to log off Psi, and then log back on when I get
>> back to my desk. I'd prefer if both Psi and the portable receive
>> *all* messages and can respond accordingly. Is there a way to do
>> this?
>Google Talk distributes messages that way, but it's not the standard
>approach taken by most Jabber servers, which try to be "smart" about
>which device/resource wants to receive messages.

Thanks. So is there a way to do this on a Jabber client/server? Or is this more appropriate for the Jabber Admin list?


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