[Juser] Nonsensical 'bounce' messages from googletalk - confused

Richard Thrippleton rt-juser at ret.me.uk
Mon May 21 09:51:59 CDT 2007

A colleague of mine uses Google's jabber service to communicate with me, but
it's proving very unreliable. The jabber server I'm using isn't Google's, and
is under my control. Every so often, after sending me a message, I won't
receive it, and anything up to 20s later he will receive a message from me

Your message could not be delivered: "hrmmm", Reason: ""

(in this example, the message he was sending was 'hrmmm', just to clarify :) )

In the past, this has occurred when my Jabber server is offline (network
connectivity), but for some reason I still appear online to him. It's also
happened when there've been no connectivity problems whatsoever (my server has
been online). I've looked over my server logs after the fact and found no
relevant errors.
So, as a Jabber user - what does this mean? Is my client/server set up
incorrectly, his client set up incorrectly, or bugs in Google's S2S


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