[Juser] Nonsensical 'bounce' messages from googletalk - confused

Richard Thrippleton rt-juser at ret.me.uk
Tue May 22 16:09:19 CDT 2007

On Tue May 22 13:55, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> It sounds like a server-to-server communication problem. Do you know 
> what error your friend receives? Can you perhaps verify the error using 
> a test account running a Jabber client that shows you the XML stream? I 
> don't know the specifics of what might be happening on the Google Talk 
> end of things but getting a look at the raw XML stream there might help 
> debug.
The error my friend received was exactly as quoted, with nothing extra, sadly.

> >Your message could not be delivered: "hrmmm", Reason: ""

where "hrmmm" was the message he was attempting to send me.
Apparently it appeared to be a message from me (i.e. I could paste that to him
in an actual message and he wouldn't be able to tell the difference), rather
than being indicated as an error by the client.
I'll try getting an XML dump at some point. The only reliable way to duplicate
this is to force my jabber server off of the 'net without time to send out
offline presence messages, which I can probably do, then I'll try talking to
myself from a googletalk account :-).
Can you recommend any Jabber clients for Linux that are able to dump the XML?


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