[Juser] Nonsensical 'bounce' messages from googletalk - confused

Richard Thrippleton rt-juser at ret.me.uk
Tue May 22 19:52:44 CDT 2007

On Tue May 22 13:55, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> It sounds like a server-to-server communication problem. Do you know 
> what error your friend receives? Can you perhaps verify the error using 
> a test account running a Jabber client that shows you the XML stream? I 
> don't know the specifics of what might be happening on the Google Talk 
> end of things but getting a look at the raw XML stream there might help 
> debug.
I've just run a test scenario, using Psi and its XML console, connected to my
(mostly unused) google account. I left a client logged into my usual server
(rt at ret.me.uk), checked things were working between them, then simulated a
sudden unexpected death of the ret.me.uk server. I've attached the XML output,
and annotated it with comments.

The confusing style of error message my friend reported was probably generated
by his client, in response to correctly formed error messages from google, so
that's a bad UI issue on the part of his client (Kopete).
Google is noticing that it can't contact ret.me.uk, generates these errors in
response, but despite this refuses to notify the client that rt at ret.me.uk is
offline. From the end-user point of view, this is extremely confusing - an
apparently online user repeatedly bouncing messages. That these bounces
sometimes take up to 20s after the message has apparently sent successfully
only exacerbates the matter. 

Is this normal (specified) behaviour for jabber servers, or an oversight on
Google's part?

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