[Juser] Problems with joining conference rooms on jabber.org

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Sun May 27 05:49:36 CDT 2007

some time in the past I have registered at jabber.org with
XYZ at jabber.org. Nickname: XYZ
But I can't join any conference room with this nick, I always get the
message "Nickname is registered by another person". I can join with
XYZ1 without any problems.
The nickname is very unique therefore I am sure that I am this "other
person" and I can setup the vCard with this nickname too.
When I chat with this account on jabber.org from another server and
with another client, I have no problems too in both directions.

I have try to remove the account on jabber.org and recreate it, but no
luck, I still can't join a conference room with my nickname on
I have try it with the clients PSI and Miranda.


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