[Juser] Problems with joining conference rooms on jabber.org

Niek Bergman niekbergman at gmail.com
Tue May 29 10:25:27 CDT 2007

On 5/27/07, Peter Flindt <newsgroups at lastwebpage.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> some time in the past I have registered at jabber.org with
> XYZ at jabber.org. Nickname: XYZ
> But I can't join any conference room with this nick, I always get the
> message "Nickname is registered by another person". I can join with
> XYZ1 without any problems.
> The nickname is very unique therefore I am sure that I am this "other
> person" and I can setup the vCard with this nickname too.
> When I chat with this account on jabber.org from another server and
> with another client, I have no problems too in both directions.
> I have try to remove the account on jabber.org and recreate it, but no
> luck, I still can't join a conference room with my nickname on
> jabber.org
> I have try it with the clients PSI and Miranda.
> Peter
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Hi Peter,

ejabberd, which powers the jabber.org server and the MUC backend for
it, has a feature which allows the registration of a MUC nickname by a
Jabber ID so that this Jabber ID can be the sole user of this nickname
in all rooms on the specific conference room server.

Unfortunately, it may be that someone else has registered your
nickname, whether on purpose to take your nickname from you (this has
happened to one of the room owners of jabber at conference.jabber.org to
my knowledge) or on accident.

Could you have mistakenly registered it on another Jabber ID which you
also own, if applicable?

Unfortunately, I'm not the admin for jabber.org, so I'm not able to
give you any more info on this, though I'd suggest that if you pick a
new nickname, or regain your old nickname, that you register it so it
can not be taken from you.


Niek Bergman.

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