[Juser] Pidgin ejabberd ... not authorized

Mickaël Sibelle kimael at gmail.com
Tue May 29 10:34:52 CDT 2007


2007/5/26, Youssef Mohammed <youssef.mohammed at gmail.com>:
> I have just installed latest version of ejabberd  (windows installer) and
> pidgin  latest version.

What version :) ?

2007/5/26, Youssef Mohammed <youssef.mohammed at gmail.com>:
> I can't add any user to my buddies, I always get  'Non Authorized"
> message.  I even get this when I try to all myself to the list.
> The error i got in pidgin is "404 : Remote server not found" though I am
> online !
> I am really disappointed. any help ?

This may be purely due to Pidgin :)
Did you make the same test in PSI (or another Jabber client) ?

Pidgin v2.0.1 is almost (already ?) out to correct MANY bugs on v2.0.
Maybe this will be corrected...

If I remember well, PigGin is just a Jabber-ready IM client. For me it
is not a good (enough) Jabber client, so I use PSI on Windows and
Kopete (and sometimes PSI too...) for Linux.

Many jabber servers (I use the server named "jabber.fr" on
http://jabber.apinc.org/ ) lets you use MSN, ICQ, Y!, etc. using
"transports" INSIDE the server itself (only one connection for you,
not one per protocol), so you may not need to use mutiprotocol
IMClient like Pidgin : use PSI for example :) it is a real
"full-jabber" client.


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