[Juser] Re: Problems with joining conference rooms on jabber.org

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Tue May 29 11:26:36 CDT 2007

Niek Bergman wrote at 29.05.2007 :
> ...
> Could you have mistakenly registered it on another Jabber ID which you
> also own, if applicable?
> ...
I have register another account, but I get the same result, when I
change my nickname in the Join groupchat dialog frm PSI.

"Unable to join groupchat
Access cannot be grabted because an existing resource or sesseion
exists with the dam name or address. Nichname is registered by another

Another curio thing is that I can't find the nickname in
users.jabber.org when I search for Lastwebpage (This is the Nickname
with the problem) I get only 3 results with a Jabber ID on another

But thanks for the note aboutejabberd, maybe I find something there.
I use this nickname for other Chats, like ICQ,MSN,IRC too and I am to
lazy to use another one. ;)


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