[Juser] Presence, Priority, and Missing Messages

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Fri Nov 9 05:29:01 CST 2007


I have a question about priorities and message routing.  I gather that
Jabber is a network where the resource with the highest priority
*always* wins, and presence is not considered for message routing.  I
have also noticed a nice feature of gajim where it automatically
lowers priority when away.

Now, my question is mainly one of how this interoperates with offline
storage and the like.  Say I have a Jabber client running 24/7 at home
and at work.  At night, I go to sleep and they both are set to a low
priority since I'm away.

Say someone sends me a message in the middle of the night, and it goes
to my home machine (due to when I logged in or whatever).  In the
morning, I go straight to work without touching my home PC.  When I
get there, my work machine's priority is raised.  But what of that
message I got in the middle of the night?  I probably won't see it at
work.  Same scenario could occur while I'm driving to work or

So is there a good solution to this?  If I set up a privacy list that
only goes into effect when I'm away, will the message be routed
elsewhere?  (That is, does blocking impact routing?)  Can I have
messages routed both places?


-- John

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