[Juser] Jabber server philosophy about stability, services and money.

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Sat Nov 24 05:54:51 CST 2007

on every 2-4 Server website or directly from the server I found
announcement "Please support us. PayPal Link" or something similiar.
I know server hosting, internet connections,... cost a lot of money,
and I think more users should support the servers.

BUT on the other site, I am a noob user, find in some curio list a
server with interested service and I choose this one as my login
The normally way for an user is now that he notice after some weeks,
that the login server have to many downtimes, services not work or some
other things are wrong with this server and they choose another one.
I don't know how many users give it up with jabber, after they have
choose the 4th or 5th login server.

The maint point in this grouse here is, that at the one side a lot of
servers have financial problems but on the other side the server list
on www.jabber.org contains more than 100 servers and a lot of them are
not very stable or/and offers only a few servers.

My suggestion:
Give it up with a completely decentral network, no one need tons of
servers which not work properly.
Lay the focus on fewer but more functional servers. Few Servers collect
money=>more money for each server=>more functional servers.


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