[Juser] Jabber server philosophy about stability, services and money.

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Nov 27 09:55:19 CST 2007

Peter Flindt wrote:
> Hello,
> on every 2-4 Server website or directly from the server I found
> announcement "Please support us. PayPal Link" or something similiar.
> I know server hosting, internet connections,... cost a lot of money,
> and I think more users should support the servers.
> BUT on the other site, I am a noob user, find in some curio list a
> server with interested service and I choose this one as my login
> server.
> The normally way for an user is now that he notice after some weeks,
> that the login server have to many downtimes, services not work or some
> other things are wrong with this server and they choose another one.
> I don't know how many users give it up with jabber, after they have
> choose the 4th or 5th login server.
> The maint point in this grouse here is, that at the one side a lot of
> servers have financial problems but on the other side the server list
> on www.jabber.org contains more than 100 servers and a lot of them are
> not very stable or/and offers only a few servers.

That list will soon become much smaller:


> My suggestion:
> Give it up with a completely decentral network, no one need tons of
> servers which not work properly.
> Lay the focus on fewer but more functional servers. Few Servers collect
> money=>more money for each server=>more functional servers.

As a first step I think we need to "vet" the servers that are listed at
jabber.org so that only stable, long-lived, reliable servers are shown


Peter Saint-Andre

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