[Juser] Unable to remove roster item

Sebastian Schuberth sschuberth at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 10:28:56 CDT 2007

> Hmm, OK, thanks for trying -- you should never have to send raw XML
> anyway, but sometimes that's the only way to fix things.
> What happens if you try to remove "icq.jabber.ccc.de" instead of
> "icq.jabber.ccc.de/registered"?

Yeah, I was hoping that doing it the "raw way" would finally do the
trick, but it doesn't. Omitting "/registered" also did not help :-/

BTW, I can see the XML Miranda is sending to the server when trying to
delete the roster item from the GUI. It send the same XML that you
were suggesting, so it does not seem to be a client problem.

> This *may* be a problem on the server you're using, or it may be that
> the item is cached in the client somehow. In the end you could contact

I can see the XML Miranda is sending to query the roster, so I doubt
it's caches. An when I installed and tried PSI, it also showed that
particular transport in the roster.

> your server administrator about it -- I know that on jabber.org I can
> execute a database query to remove such items (and I've been forced to
> do that in the past).

Any hint who to talk to for the jabber.com server?

BTW, is there a clean way to migrate one's Jabber profile from one
server to another, e.g. from jabber.com to jabber.org (so that no
traces are left on jabber.com)?

Sebastian Schuberth

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