[Juser] Shared contact list?

naw lambda512 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 13:31:32 CST 2008

El Viernes 22 Febrero 2008, Nicholas Cole escribió:
> Dear all,
> I hope that this doesn't seem like a silly question, but my
> googling-skills have failed to provide an answer.
> I would like to set up a contact list for a group of people involved
> in a seminar.  My aim is to manage the list of contacts centrally, so
> that as people join and leave the group contact list of each jabber
> user is updated.  I'm not asking for an irc-like chat room, but a way
> for people to have the current participants in a particular group on
> their contact list.  Is there any gateway or other project that would
> make this possible?
> I hope that that makes sense.
> Best wishes,
> Nicholas

Some servers have that feature and the server admin can configure it.

I think that ejabberd calls it "shared roster" and openfire "shared groups"

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