[Juser] jingle + encryption + free software?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jan 2 17:57:04 CST 2008

Michael Reichenbach wrote:
> Hi, thanks for reading.
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>  > Maybe Coccinella?
> Afaik there is no encryption for jingle.

You want encryption of the signalling/negotiation or encryption of the 
media traffic or both? I assume both. :)

>  > Also, what do you mean by "encryption"?
> I mean like:
> - SSL for Client to Server

All the clients do that.

> - OTR for end to end encryption for secure and authenticated 1 to 1 chats

That doesn't all traffic (which you need to encrypt the Jingle 
signalling exchanges), only message body text.

> - or OpenPGP for mails

That doesn't encrypt all traffic either, just message body text.

> Over insecure networks a man in the middle can log all the traffic, but 
> I don`t want him to be able to intercept any calls.

Correct. That's why we are working on an end-to-end encryption 
technology that encrypts the entire packet. It's called encrypted 
sessions. It should be supported in Gajim (not sure if that code has 
been released yet).


Peter Saint-Andre

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