[Juser] IM acronyms

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Mar 5 09:50:47 CST 2008

Jesse Thompson wrote:
> I was just trying to be funny.  :-)
> I almost find it silly when someone tries to create an authoritative
> description of a dynamic social construct.

Where do we claim that we're trying to create an authoritative
description? We're just trying to help Jabber users navigate in IM space.

> Maybe a wiki would be a
> better place for this kind of information.

The new Drupal-powered site at jabber.org is editable. Feel free to
volunteer your assistance. ;-)

> On the other hand, I frequently have to google acronyms that I haven't
> heard before, so *someone* has to be an authority on the topic.
> Jabber.org is as appropriate as anyone else.

Sure, why not?

> Maybe it would be useful to add to the page a list of suggestions
> (google it) and resources (wikipedia, urban dictionary, etc) that people
> can consult if they want to look up what an acronym means.

Maybe. But I figure this is just our list, if folks find it useful then
its PageRank will increase. That's the way of the web. :)


Peter Saint-Andre

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