[Juser] how do you know Pandion

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Tue Mar 18 13:37:40 CDT 2008


Peter Saint-Andre writes:

> v6543210 at 126.com wrote:
>> Where can I get the source code?
> Pandion is not open-source, it is freeware.

Well, you get parts of its source.  It is enough to change Pandion's
UI almost completely and to adapt it to a special "branding" (which
is exlicitly allowed in the licence).  You can also change some
non-UI things.

However, in my very personal opinion, it is abandonware.  There are
lots of bugs, and you have to collect the patches yourself in a
phpBB forum and apply them.  The developers denied to set up a
mailing list or something that resembles a bug tracker.  There is
only the web forum, with one idler (a non-developer).  Oh, I just
see: He has left in Oct 2007.  Now, there are almost no replies
anymore from anyone.  I once sent them updated translations for
German and never got any feedback.


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