[Juser] JUser Digest, Vol 61, Issue 1

Daniel Fischaleck daniel at fischaleck.net
Tue Oct 7 06:14:44 CDT 2008

Am Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008 12:53 schrieb Anton Starikov:
> On Friday 03 October 2008 20:00:02 juser-request at jabber.org wrote:
> > Beginning tonight and running for one week, the jabber.org IM service
> > will require encryption when you connect your client to the server.
> how can you do that?!
> the biggest standalone jabber server... not to mention google's and LJ's
> conducting experiments on unsuspecting clients. not all of them read
> mailing lists or visit website in case of problems.
> This experiment is irresponsibility at work!
> No offense, but i'm so glad i switched to another jabber server when you
> guys got instability problems on your "super super bunker double piped
> stable server" :-/
> i'm disappointed
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Hello folks,

I appreciate the security related actions taken on this server. It ensures, 
that all the messages I send are only readable by the person which I want to. 
But I also have to admit, that this action was kinda surprise to me, if I 
wouldn't have subscribed to this mailing list, I would not know, why some 
people are not able to connect anymore. The best thing for such significant 
changes would be the server message broadcast - it really ensures, that ALL 
the people who use their account get informed about this.



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