[Juser] XML Parse Error

Luiz Pimenta pimenta at crase.org
Sun Jan 25 09:03:25 CST 2009


having "XML Parse Error" problem.

When I try to login to a Jabber account at jabber.org using Pidgin I
get the "XML Parse Error" message. I have searched forums and
mail-list archives and I find there might be a problem with JID
character encodings. It seems some users have fixed that using Psi and
I did try that but I still have the problem.

Using Psi I get no "XML Parse Error" message and Psi loads (and
displays) the user list but I can not remove the JIDs with wrong
character encoding. I may select the JID, tell Psi to remove it, I can
see the JID is no more and I can logout. However when I login back the
same JID with wrong character encoding is there.

Now when I login using Pidgin I do not get a "XML Parse Error" but I
can not see any online/offline contact or group. Also, whenever I
login back to that Jabber account using Psi I receive notifications
(for adding or authorizing accounts) I have already received and
closed/replied before.

I am not an advanced user and as far as I could learn reading on the
web about that problems, It seems there are errors in the roster user
list and I have to manualy fix/remove them editing the list. Is thar
correct? Well, now do I fix that?

Any help welcome.



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