[Juser] UTF encoding problem

Anthony Callegaro callytic at free.fr
Mon Jun 8 10:08:11 CDT 2009

Hi there,

I have been having some issue with the jabber.org server for a while.

Basically with pidgin I wasn't able to connect for a while but as pidgin
implementation of XMPP has never been the best around I thought it was a
pidin related issue. 

But when trying to connect with other clients : empathy, gajim, psi,
kopete, jwchat, sameplace... I noticed that the my problem was due to
the encoding of 2 contacts name. I tried renaming and deleting them and
it works for one but not for the other (go figure). I tried with all the
above clients with the same results : when I delete it, it is removed
from the roster but upon reconnecting the contact is back. If I rename
it it is changed until I reconnect...

This is the same issue as :

I couldn't find any clients that manage to delete that contact
correctly, nor could I find a web interface for jabber.org contact
management, so do you think you could remove it manually from the db ?

My JID is letic at jabber.org and the problematic contact is
mickcane at jabber.org 

Here is from the pidgin debug log :
<item subscription='both' name='Micka�l xxxxxxx (Jabber)'
jid='mickcane at jabber.org'/></query></iq>
(16:04:39) jabber: XML parser error for JabberStream 0x1900a60: Domain
1, code 9, level 3: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !

I am obviously open to any other suggestions to manage to delete this

Thanks in advance !
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