[Juser] "SSL certificate" error with Gajim

Jean-Philippe Fleury contact at jpfleury.net
Fri Feb 12 14:56:14 CST 2010

Peter Saint-Andre a écrit le 2010-02-11 15:12 :
> So it seems that Ubuntu 9.10 does not have the new Startcom root in its
> cert bundle, but did include the old root. I'll poke the Startcom folks
> about that. You can install the new root (I'm not sure how in Ubuntu),
> but of course you might not think it's a good idea. :) The new root is here:

Thanks a lot for your help. I found the exact problem:


Ubuntu 9.10 is ok, but Gajim had a bug. The problem is fixed in Gajim 0.13:


I tested and all is ok now! :-)

Thanks again,


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