[Juser] incorrectly offline contacts and dropped messages

Savanni D'Gerinel savanni at alyra.org
Fri Feb 26 09:45:16 CST 2010

So, I will chime in with my own problems.

Ever since the server upgrade at Jabber.org, I have been largely unable
to see my contacts.  Sometimes I see a whole bunch of people online, but
most of the time my contact list indicates that nobody is online, even
when I verify independently that some of them actually are.  I am also
getting reports that a significant number of the messages being sent to
me are not actually arriving.

This is happening for me on an Ubuntu Karmic machine with both Pidgin
and Telepathy.

Now, is this an issue with my IM clients or with Jabber.org, and has it
already been reported?  I would be happy to help with debugging if
anyone can give me any pointers for where to look.


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