[Juser] up, down, and forward

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Jan 20 09:36:13 CST 2010

You might have noticed that the jabber.org IM service has been up and
down in the last few days. We are performing some final tests before
moving forward with the software migration from ejabberd to M-Link,
which should happen in the next few days. Please be aware that as we get
closer to launch, it is possible that some of your data (e.g., new
buddies in your contact list) will not "make the cut" and that you will
need to update that data yourself after the migration is complete. We
will post again to www.jabber.org and the juser at jabber.org list with any
instructions you might need to follow. Thanks again for your patience.


Peter Saint-Andre

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