[Juser] testing requested

Julian Bäume julian at svg4all.de
Thu Jan 28 08:37:09 CST 2010

On Wednesday 27 January 2010 15:34:38 Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>We recently migrated to different server software at jabber.org
> and I have reports that KDE users are unable to connect. I think the
> problem is limited to users of KDE 3 -- even if they connect on port
> 5222 instead of port 5223 (the latter is currently disabled), they see a
> message about "There was an error in the protocol stream: Generic stream
> error".
I'm running a kopete on a few clients. One is running the version from KDE 4.4 
RC2 (same problems with RC1) and one is running KDE 4.3.4. I also get this 
"generic stream error". I'm using TLS to connect. At first everything runs 
fine, I see contacts online, can talk to them, but after some time I get this 

kopete(8729)/kopete (jabber - raw protocol) 
JabberAccount::slotClientDebugMessage: "XML IN: <stream:error>                                
<unsupported-stanza-type xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams"/>                                                                    

This error seems to happen randomly after login. Sometimes I am connected for 
a few minutes, sometimes it happens right after login.

Another thing to mention is, that it takes quite long time to logon. Sometimes 
there's several minutes between I get a response from the server and protocol 
continues. This makes it really time-consuming to debug the whole thing...

> Preliminary testing indicates that Kopete is not replying to IQ
> stanzas it does not understand (in our case, XEP-0199 pings), but I
> don't see why that would cause the generic stream error message. Many
> thanks for any insights you can provide!
I can't see any <ping> in my logs. If I manually try a client-to-server ping, 
I get the expected result..

bye then
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