[Juser] jabber.org downtime

Sebastian M. Ernst info at s-m-ernst.de
Sun Jan 24 12:58:32 CST 2010

Hi folks,

turning SSL off made it possible for me to log in ... I was not able to
do this for more than one week now. Anyway, the connection gets lost
after less than a minute. The error can be translated as "A problem has
occurred in in protocol flow: General data stream error (Regrettably,
there can not be determined a more precise source of the problem.)".

I am running a maybe legacy version of Kopete (0.12.7 based on KDE
3.5.10), which is the last version which runs on KDE 3.x - as far as I
know. Somewhere, I read about a backport project of the latest Kopete
for the KDE 3.x branch, but I don't know the current status.

Anyway, can someone confirm this behaviour and/or has a solution
approach except switching to another client or installing KDE4 libs etc
... ?

> legacy
> connection method over SSL (which is no longer enabled on jabber.org)
I don't know how many people besides me are affected, but it could
actually be a nice idea to enable it again, if possible. Until now, one
of the major advances (for me personally) of jabber vs e.g. icq has
been, that the protocol was kind of stable and nobody forced me to do
crazy updates and therefore brake a running system. Please take this
into consideration.


Kevin Smith schrieb:
> On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 6:03 PM, Gregory <aeon at pandora.be> wrote:
>>> less than 5 minutes. Are you still unable to connect now?
>> I know you guys are busy fixing stuff. But I am unable to connect unless
>> I ignore SSL certificate errors. Any idea what's up with that and will
>> it be restored?
> That may be my fault - all the certificates are valid, but it's
> possible I generated the chain in the wrong order.
> I'll be checking this tomorrow.
> /K

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