[Juser] iChat 3 (OS X 10.4), SSL on new jabber.org

Joel Hardi joel at hardi.org
Wed Jan 27 19:03:40 CST 2010


I'm sure this is low priority with all the server migration  
excitement, but just wanted to check in with my user problem on the M- 
Link changeover.

I'm using iChat 3, the version I'm stuck with using OS 10.4 Tiger.  
I'm no longer able to connect securely to jabber.org (presumably this  
client does not support STARTTLS?). I *can* connect unsecurely on  
port 5222.

I've followed the instructions in the 1/26 A Note for iChat Users  
post, when I do so I get a warning from iChat saying I'm about to  
connect unsecurely, which I'm able to do -- and I've verified using  
wireshark that in fact my username/password are sent in cleartext  
when I click OK.

I've tried every combination of iChat settings (and looked in the  
plist for possible hidden settings). If I try to connect on port 5222  
with the SSL option enabled, the connection hangs indefinitely. I'm  
happy to provide packet dumps of that or anything else if it's useful.

Is the answer basically the same as for KDE3 Kopete (ironically the  
other Jabber client I use) users: "Sorry, change to a newer/better  

Thanks, I certainly appreciate all the volunteer labor on jabber.org  
over the years!


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