[Juser] msg between yahoo-account and jabber-account

Bino Oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Sun Oct 3 21:23:13 CST 2010

Dear Sir.
Currently my workgroup use YM as IM.
I installed ejabberd in my own development box.
I'm sure that if I succed intalling yahoo transport in my ejabberd box , 
the user can connect to Yahoo via my ejabberd.
My question is :
1. Will the existing user need to use such as Pidgin for their Yahoo 
Client software ? can they just use default YM software ?
2. If I write an XMPP bot that connect to my jabber as internal user 
account  (not a Yahoo user account), Will other user (with yahoo 
account) able to send msg to this script?


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