[Juser] [new jabber user question] publish tunes

urodelo urodelomutante at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 8 15:44:10 UTC 2011

Hello list.
I'm new to jabber and I'm trying to understand a bit how it works. I've  
had an account since some years, but I've just used it for some im  
I use PSI 0.14 under Debian. I've seen that there's the possibility of  
publishing the tune i'm listening to. If I've understood well, the server  
must support PEP for this, and jabber.org it does (isn't it?) I've checked  
the flag on "publish tune" on my psi client, but what is not clear to me  
(yes, I'm a noob) is where I can see the info about the song- I've  
connected my 2 jabber accounts on the same client while listening to a  
song, but I can't find where the info is published. Maybe I'm missing  
something, maybe I need to subscribe to a pep transport or similar, but if  
so, while browsing for service3s on jabber.org I couldn't find it.

For listening to my songs I use mplayer; this is not among the players  
cited on PSI wiki, but I' can't see many infos about supported players  
there, especially running on Linux distros.

Can anybody kindly help me please?
Thanks in advance



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