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urodelo urodelomutante at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 11 11:11:06 UTC 2011

I've found out that the pep is working with pidgin. If I use psi after  
pidgin, it keeps the status of the last song played. I don't know if the  
im transports, or better, their protocols, are involved in pep too,  
because I've noted that, on pidgin, while icq transport correctly display  
the current song, yahoo doesn't: it seems that yahoo transport is showing  
just the first "staus" and it's not able to change it. Therefore I wonder  
if there's a kind of relationship between im transport and the pep feature  
because I had thought those protocols own to a different level...

Now I'm looking at MPC and supported players

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 01:23:48 +0200, naw <lambda512 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry, I wrote the prior message too fast.
> On Lunes 11 Abril 2011 01:12:05 naw escribió:
>> On Viernes 08 Abril 2011 17:44:10 urodelo escribió:
>> > Hello list.
>> > I'm new to jabber and I'm trying to understand a bit how it works.  
>> I've
>> > had an account since some years, but I've just used it for some im
>> > transports.
>> > I use PSI 0.14 under Debian. I've seen that there's the possibility of
>> > publishing the tune i'm listening to. If I've understood well, the  
>> server
>> > must support PEP for this, and jabber.org it does (isn't it?) I've  
>> checked
>> > the flag on "publish tune" on my psi client, but what is not clear to  
>> me
>> > (yes, I'm a noob) is where I can see the info about the song- I've
>> > connected my 2 jabber accounts on the same client while listening to a
>> > song, but I can't find where the info is published. Maybe I'm missing
>> > something, maybe I need to subscribe to a pep transport or similar,  
>> but if
>> > so, while browsing for service3s on jabber.org I couldn't find it.
>> >
>> > For listening to my songs I use mplayer; this is not among the players
>> > cited on PSI wiki, but I' can't see many infos about supported players
>> > there, especially running on Linux distros.
>> >
>> > Can anybody kindly help me please?
>> > Thanks in advance
>> >
>> Hello
>> In linux, Psi only seems to support MPC. It also can extract the data  
>> from a file (~/.psi/tune ?) So you can play with this, maybe looking if  
>> mplayer can log the songs to a file ad then parse the file and write  
>> the correct data to the file.
> As I see at http://psi-im.org/wiki/Publish_Tune MPC support is done  
> precisely by obtaining the info and writing it to the file.
>> Another option, is to use the deberlopement version that seems to  
>> support much more players (
>> http://redmine.psi-im.org/issues/show/1000 ) ; amarok, audacious, bmp,  
>> and those that have an MPRIS interface.
> I meant the developement version, compiled from git.
>> Psi+ (a patched version of Psi) also should support MPRIS (and others?)
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