[Juser] Can't send messages bnw.im

Eric Koldeweij aragon at no-sense.net
Fri Dec 28 07:25:26 UTC 2012


I can not make out much from the dump file except that there is a TCP 
connection between and so the infrastructure 
is OK. What I noticed myself is that about 10 days ago jabber.org 
changed its certificate. I noticed that after that connections between 
my server and jabber.org did not work any more. After a lot of puzzling 
I found out that the cause was that the new certificate did not have 
"SSL client" set as purpose and therefore my server rejected its 
certificate when jabber.org opened a connection to my server.
I fixed it by turning off certificate checking and after that it worked 
again. Maybe something similar is the matter with your service? It would 
not explain why regular messages do work; maybe your microblogging 
service uses its own authentication different from the XMPP service?

Good luck in fixing.


On 12/27/12 22:13, Alexander Batischev wrote:
> Hello,
> I use microblogging service that accepts messages and commands over
> Jabber, bnw.im. Recently, I was unable to use it because my commands
> just don't make it to remote server. I asked BNW's admin and he checked
> with tcpdump that no stanzas are being sent from jabber.org to bnw.im
> when I send a message (see attachment).
> Note that connection from bnw.im to jabber.org works just fine - I am
> able to receive messages that other users of the service post.
> That situation puzzles me a lot. Can you investigate, please?
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