[Juser] Unregistering Spectrum Transports

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 22 19:10:33 UTC 2012

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On 3/14/12 3:50 PM, Mark Givens wrote:
> First off, apologies to those who are in any of the support MUCs
> on jabber.org <http://jabber.org> and spectrum.im
> <http://spectrum.im>, as I've bombarded them with this issue
> already, but I'm not finding support, and it seems to be an
> inexplicable irregularity.
> I've registered my jabber.org <http://jabber.org> account to a few 
> transports on draugr.de <http://draugr.de> and
> jabber.hot-chilli.net <http://jabber.hot-chilli.net> just to test
> them out. I've done this with XMPP accounts before (on both of
> these servers), and unregistration is usually seamless through any
> client. Lately, though, this is not working properly with the
> jabber.org <http://jabber.org> account; with this account, using
> transports on the aforementioned servers, it is impossible to
> cleanly unregister the transports using the "remove registration"
> checkbox on the forms, the manual client unregistration option
> offered in Psi+, or the usual unregistration IQ stanza. All of 
> these *return* a proper "result" stanza, but no unregistration
> actually occurs. My data remains in the registration form,
> de-authorizing the transport does not disable it, and removing the
> transport from the roster (after de-authorizing) does not disable
> communication with legacy contacts. Attempting to de-authorize and
> remove legacy contacts after running all of these processes results
> in their removal from the legacy server. I first observed a problem
> by inadvertently losing my entire MSN contact list this way.
> Again, this only seems to be the case with a jabber.org 
> <http://jabber.org> account. As of today, I can successfully
> register and unregister the same transports through accounts on
> talkr.im <http://talkr.im> and a Google Apps domain using any of
> the methods listed above.
> Does anyone have any idea what could be the root cause? It is not 
> client-specific (I've reproduced it in Psi+, Gajim, and Miranda
> IM), and it doesn't appear to be an issue on the end of the
> transport servers; in case it helps to know, though, both servers
> are running Spectrum v.1.48 transports (OS unknown).
> In any case, apologies again for those of you who've had to bear
> witness to my beating a dead horse; I'm just confounded with trying
> to fix the problem, and I'd appreciate any insight into how to fix
> it.

That's a bizarre problem, and I'm sorry that you've experienced it. I
can think of no reason why this would not work from jabber.org. Feel
free send XML debug output directly to me and I will look into it (but
I might not have time until the first week of April).


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