[Juser] Facebook's XMPP service

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Aug 21 18:39:22 UTC 2013


Torsten Bronger writes:

> Luciano Fardin writes:
>> It's been almost a month that I'm having problems to connect to
>> Facebook chat via XMPP on Pidgin. Anyone else experiencing same
>> problem?
> The connecting has always been ridiculously slow, but most of the
> time, it worked.  I haven't monitored short outages (reconnects)
> so far.  They may have occured with my account, but I didn't
> notice.

I just had for the first time a warning message of Gajim that it has
got to connect to Facebook through an unencrypted connection.  I've
never had that so far.  Apparently the next step in freezing us out
...  :-(


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