[Juser] Jabber connect MacOS Mountain Lion

Christian Bernardt christian.bernardt at desy.de
Wed Feb 13 10:56:13 UTC 2013

Hi there,

I am using a jabber.org for work purposes and my dissatisfaction is growing. All colleagues who have google account and are connected to me are not longer visible to me. First I though this is because of my chat client (which is Adium), but then I tried messages, which I never got to work properly. 

But the important fact: Messages and Adium do not show me the google accounts'  status any longer. 

I was just now able to send a message to one of my colleagues, but the colleague could not reply (Error sending message). So this might actually be a google problem.

1.) Could someone please give me proper instructions how to debug this. I am not really computer illiterate so you can throw tech terms at me.
2.) MacOs Mountain Lion: Could someone give me a recipe on how to properly configure messages with jabber as I would like to switch to it not having to deal with adium any longer. I added the jabber account in the central Mail, Contacts & Calendars. It showed up but does not work with Messages, it seems. One time I had it connecting and I experienced the same issue of only seeing the colleagues who have jabber accounts.

Thank you. Kind regards. Christian

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