[Juser] Can I communicate with a Facebook user using a Jabber client

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Jul 29 15:20:44 UTC 2013


Ottavio Caruso writes:

> [...]
> Of course we could probably use a third party Jabber client
> compatible with Google hangouts to chat, however I wonder if I,
> using a Jabber client like Xabber on Android, am able to connect
> to Facebook chat, using my Gmail address as a login and without
> registering to Facebook.
> I must read somewhere that Facebook used to be XMPP compatible but
> not any more.

1. You need a FB account.  FB chats only works between FB accounts.

2. Server is chat.facebook.com, login is your FB login (not the
   email address) and password ist the FB password.

3. Xabber and Gajim work, probably most others, too.  Of course, the
   native FB clients always work.

4. It is shaky.  Third-party clients are not the primary target of
   FB because they cannot show ads in them.

   Currently, I have the issue that I don't see the proper names of
   my buddies, but names like "-1213369715 at chat.facebook.com"
   instead.  This is because the VCard is only properly set for
   offline buddies, and emptied once they go online.  I observe this
   for a couple of days now.

   There were times when I could not login for a week, or when
   online contacts were not propagated to third-party clients.

   But in 95% of the time, it has worked nicely for the last 3
   years for me.


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