[Juser] Connection problem between jabber.fr and jabber.org

Jean-Alexandre Anglès d'Auriac jagw40k at free.fr
Mon Apr 7 16:16:21 UTC 2014


When using my account oxayotl at jabber.fr, I have been unable to see my
jabber.org contacts as connected for some time. I only see the error
message remote-server-not-found. Trying to send them a message gives the
same error message. I can successfully talk with my jabber.fr and
gmail.com contacts from my jabber.fr account, and I can successfully
talk to all my contacts from my gmail account. I therefore suspect the
problem must be linked to jabber.fr <-> jabber.org communication, maybe
due to the decision to make encryption mandatory on server to server
connection, as mentioned here :
Can this be confirmed ? Is there a way to fix it ?
I also mentioned the issue to the administrators of jabber.fr.
Thanks !
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