[Juser] jabber.org account not working

Martin crysman Zahradník crysman at seznam.cz
Sat Jul 5 12:53:19 UTC 2014


please, anybody knows if something has happened to jabber.org service?
In Pidgin, I do not see any contacts. So I go menu -> Buddies -> Show ->
Offline Buddies. After a while there appears this message under every
> 404: Remote Server Not Found

I am not aware of any changes I would have made in my account settings :(

My settings are as follows:
Domain: jabber.org
Resource: <empty>
Connection security: Require encryption
Connect port: 5222

Where is the error? :(


/Martin crysman Zahradník/
/www:/ crysmanovo.blogspot.com <http://crysmanovo.blogspot.com>
/e-mail:/ crysman at seznam.cz
/jabber:/ crysman at jabber.org
/Google talk/hangout:/ crysmanovo at gmail.com
/facebook:/ no way!
/Skype:/ no way! using Ekiga - SIP:crysman at ekiga.net
running GNU/Linux Xubuntu
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